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Consignment Guidelines

Please give us a call to book your appointment.


What is Consignment at Unika?

Consignment is a way to recycle your previously loved clothing, while adding money to your pocket.

Bring in your clean, like-new, current, classic or vintage seasonal items. 

We will accept a maximum of 10-15 items per drop-off.

If you have a large number of items to be reviewed please communicate with us when booking an appointment.

We do not accept items on hangers.

Please be prepared to wait while your items are reviewed.

*Due to allergies items must be free of smoke, odour and pet hair. Clothing is accepted according to season:

• Spring: January, February, and March

• Summer: April, May, and June 

• Fall: August, and September 

• Winter: October and November 

Pricing and Terms:

Pricing is determined by Unika to best sell your item(s) at the most profitable price. If damage or flaws are found during evaluation and pricing of your item(s), these items will be donated.

The consignment contract is 60 days and begins the day items are merchandised on the floor. Items will remain at full price for 30 days, and markdowns taken during the remaining 30 days. In addition, Unika may hold periodic sales of out-of-season and clearance items and any items in stock are subject to sale.

40% of the final sale price will be added to your account.

Immediately upon the sale of any consigned item, store credit is available for in-store purchases. Consignors with over $25 accumulated in their accounts by the end of the month will be written a cheque upon request.